About likethis.tv

Welcome to likethis.tv, the website that allows you to find TV shows and movies similar to ones you've already watched and enjoyed. We've all been there when the TV show we've been following so avidly has ended, you find yourself asking "what am I going to watch now?". This website allows you to find TV shows and movies that share various different similarities to another, giving you a bunch of suggestions as to what your next viewings could be.

How does it work?

To find similar tv shows or movies, lots and lots of factors are taken into account. As an example, let's say you want to find similar TV shows to Game of Thrones. Firstly, all of the cast and crew are picked out, and then we find other TV shows with the same people in, doing the same roles or different. With that data, we create our first list of potential similarities.

We create over ten lists like the above, and then we combine them all together. We can then work out which TV show shares the greatest number of similarities and show them to you.

Every time this happens, millions and millions of rows of data are processed. This all happens within a second (or two!).

Want to get in touch?

Email feedback, suggestions or questions to myself at: [email protected].

Techie stuff

I created this website using Laravel, a PHP framework. I used Bootstrap V4 for the front end. I use TMDB's API to retrieve the information I need for TV shows and movies, and do all of the similarity algorithms myself.

The website's hosted on a dedicated server, running Ubuntu. I use nginx and PHP 7.1 to serve the website, with redis caching. The database is powered by MariaDB.

Data and imagery proudly provided by TMDb

Data and imagery proudly provided by TMDb.